"My daughter has attended epilepsy camp for the last 4 years. I cannot say enough good things about the camp, the staff and campers. It is truly a place where kids with epilepsy can have the freedom to try new and challenging tasks in a safe and fun environment. She has the opportunity to feel like a normal kid and not stand out as the kid who needs extra help because of her seizures. And more importantly, it is a place where she can build confidence and friendships with other kids who have the same conditions. We love camp!"

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado and Wyoming Camps & Retreats provide opportunities for children, teens, adults and families whose lives are impacted by epilepsy. They help to build confidence, make connections, and have fun. With experienced volunteers, staff and 24/7 medical care on board, these camps & retreats provide a safe environment to foster resiliency and a sense of belonging. These experiences can be life-changing and fuel those involved with the knowledge that they are not alone on their epilepsy journey.



Purple Peaks Retreat

Young adults ages 18-30 who are diagnosed with epilepsy are invited to this virtual retreat on January 19 & 20, 2022. This long-awaited retreat will allow an opportunity to connect with others, explore aspects of self-care and learn more to feel and live better with epilepsy. Contact larissa@epilepsycolorado.org for more information. Register here.


Camp Never Give Up! for teens ages 13-17 is a five day camp in beautiful Estes Park. It provides teens with seizures an opportunity to focus on what they CAN do through the support and encouragement of caring peers and camp staff. Activities include horseback riding, rock climbing, arts and crafts and more. Join us July 13-17, 2022. Registration opens February 2022.


Rock n’ Rally for kids ages 8-12 living with epilepsy and siblings is an overnight weekend camp in Jamestown, CO. It provides the opportunity for children to build confidence and have fun in the great outdoors. Join us July 29-31, 2022. Registration opens February 2022.


Fun n’ Frontiers

This camp is for the entire family including parents, siblings and youth living with epilepsy. We know that the whole family is affected when a member is diagnosed. This camp will provide an opportunity for families to bond with each other while making new connections with other families. Information coming soon!


Stay Tuned for 2022 Registration & Updates!

Contact stacie@epilepsycolorado.org with questions.

“Wow, I never knew there was so many other kids like me!”  – Camper, age 12

“Camp helped our daughter feel good about herself and her epilepsy”  – parent of teen camper

“This camp saved my life.” – Camp Never Give Up! Camper, age 15

“This was my first time at camp, and I’m really happy I came. I did things I thought I would never do and made friends who also have epilepsy. Mostly, I realized I’m not alone.” – Makiah, Camper


Still not sure if camp is for your kiddo? Check out these testimonials from parents and campers:

"Like many of you, I am the parent of a child affected by epilepsy. My son, Clay, suffered a pediatric stroke two months after his fifth birthday. After the stroke he began to have regular seizures that became increasingly difficult to control. There are so many things that are lost when you have a child that has a serious medical condition. Clay didn't have many sleepovers, he had a harder time making friends. He felt "different" and isolated. When we learned about Jason's Camp we were all excited and nervous all at the same time. When the day to go to camp finally arrived, on the outside I was smiles and sunshine, but on the inside I was terrified to leave him. Clay was greeted by his counselor with smiles and high fives. He was smiling and proud of his new-found independence and waved excitedly as we drove away, I smiled and waved back, but as soon as we were out of the parking lot I cried.  When we returned to pick him up a few days later he was different. He was more confident and had made lasting connections with his camp friends. Jason's Camp is a way for kids like mine - and yours - to feel just like any other kid going to camp and that is an amazing thing. "
" I don’t have words to adequately convey how Epilepsy Camp changed our lives. Our youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago after a series of unexplainable events that found him wandering halls at school and unable to remember significant events throughout his day. My son and I were approached by his school counselor as we registered at a new school, in a new city. He said he learned of Kieran’s diagnosis when he got the registration paperwork. He immediately asked if Kieran had ever been to camp. We’d only just begun learning about the different types of epilepsy and how to recognize the signs, and we had just moved from a very small town in northeastern Colorado. We knew next to nothing. That initial encounter led our family to one of the best, and most rewarding, experiences of our lives. Kieran quickly learned that no one judged him, or made fun of him for his seizures or his shyness. He was able to be around other kids that were just like him and we were able to watch him blossom. He has grown leaps and bounds over the last months and has come out of his shell. He no longer makes fun of himself or says that he’s unintelligent because he can’t remember everything and doesn’t learn the way other kids at school do. He is a new kid because of our involvement with camp. My husband and I are also registered nurses and we were asked if we might be interested in being medical support for camp. We quickly agreed and signed on without hesitation. We learned so much in that short time and knew that our lives were forever changed. We also knew that camp was going to be a part of our lives for a long time to come. These kids, and their parents, and the staff are unapologetically genuine and loving. We are all beyond grateful for epilepsy camp and the opportunity to touch lives and, in turn, be touched by these amazing individuals. Thanks for a wonderful experience. "
" Colorado Epilepsy Foundation camps have been incredible for both our camper and our whole family. Camp is a place that kids can go have fun and be just kids, doing all of the exciting summer camp activities that they want, while interacting with other kids their age who understand the unique aspects of life with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation camps have encouraged her to try new things and helped her grow in every aspect of her life. It’s also a place that families can feel confident in sending their children, knowing that the counselors and nurses know exactly how to handle a seizure and keep them safe. Camp has increased Genevieve’s self-confidence and her ability to advocate for herself, and her desire to help others around her has blossomed! We’re so grateful to everyone who helps make these camps a reality because they’re the best part of her summer. "