Adult Support

Self-Care Management

The Direct Care Manager is a trained professional who is dedicated to helping you navigate your journey with epilepsy. Armed with expertise and compassion, we give you the tools, information and referrals to resources needed to help you take control of:

  • Proper medical protocol, personal health maintenance and referrals.
  • Managing mental and emotional health.
  • Legal rights, the power of the ADA, and the benefits and risks of disclosure.
  • Students’ rights to a proper education and a productive relationship with your school.
  • Advocating for yourself and others.
  • Access to therapeutic approaches to better manage your condition.

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Community Action Network

CAN, the Community Action Network volunteers bring the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s services directly into the communities where we live and work with activities such as:

  • Raising awareness about epilepsy
  • Providing support by bringing programs and services directly to our communities
  • Planning service activities
  • Advocating for needs
  • Discovering new fundraising opportunities

These powerful networks build lasting relationships in our neighborhoods, because CAN is everywhere we need to be.

Volunteers are always needed to support the Foundation in a variety of different areas. You can lead a support group or conduct community training sessions. Host a clothing drive or represent us at health fairs and other public events.

Project UPLIFT

What is Project UPLIFT for Epilepsy? Project UPLIFT (Using Practice and Learning to Increase Favorable Thoughts) is a phone-based program designed to prevent or reduce depression. Depression is commonly experienced in people with epilepsy and can impact the quality of life.

How does UPLIFT work? UPLIFT provides skills through group phone delivery of a program to help treat or prevent depression. UPLIFT is based on mindfulness and cognitive therapy, two techniques proven to help prevent and manage symptoms of depression. Often depression leads to dwelling on the past or accepting negative thoughts that impact mood. UPLIFT teaches people with epilepsy to notice:

  • How their thoughts affect their mood
  • How to let go of problem thoughts
  • How to pay attention to the present moment

Access to transportation is not an issue with UPLIFT because it is delivered directly to their home. This also lowers the anxiety of having a seizure in public. There is no fear in seeking support for depression since UPLIFT is confidential. The program includes eight group sessions with exercises at home between sessions. Each telephone session lasts about one hour.

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