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New Outreach in Grand Junction

EFCO pairs with AHEC to reach out to rural communities

Oct 31, 2008


Epilepsy Outreach Program

The San Luis Valley Area Health Education Center (SLVAHEC) and the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado are launching an Epilepsy Outreach Program in the San Luis Valley (SLV). The program is free of charge and is designed to increase awareness of epilepsy and to provide education and services to individuals in the SLV. The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado has been providing educational epilepsy resources to the SLV through a library at the SLVAHEC. However, this year the foundation has provided a grant that will allow the SLVAHEC to increase the epilepsy education and services it provides to the SLV. Gina Mollet, Ph.D. will serve as the SLV’s epilepsy outreach coordinator. She is available to valley organizations, law enforcement agencies, schools, and churches to provide educational presentations and epilepsy first aid training. Dr. Mollet is a professor of psychology at Adams State College who specializes in neuropsychology. She has received additional training from the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado in order to coordinate the Epilepsy Outreach Program. Individuals who are interested in the epilepsy program or who are affected by epilepsy are encouraged to contact Dr. Mollet at 719-587-7286. Volunteers are also needed.

The SLVAHEC is a non-profit organization in Alamosa. It is the mission of the SLVAHEC to improve the health care workforce and to increase access to health care for all people through community and educational partnerships. Individuals interested in learning more about the SLVAHC may contact them at 719-587-4977 or visit

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1964 to provide resources for people with epilepsy and their families. The goals of the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado are to improve the lives’ of individuals with epilepsy, to remove the stigma associated with epilepsy through increased awareness and education. For more information about the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado visit their website at

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