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EFCO re-defines the AHEC grant

Sep 14, 2008

Press Release                                                     Sept 14, 2008

Contact: Erin Manzanares
                Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado

DENVER,CO, September 14, 2008 -- The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) and AHEC have had a strong partnership for six years to reach our rural Colorado communities with meaningful services that meet the needs of children, families and adults living with epilepsy. 

This past year EFCO staff, executive directors of AHEC offices and Dr. Jack Westfall shook up the traditional way of delivering epilepsy services to rural communities and redefined “upfront and personal”. Rather than use their AHEC grant to fund one staff member to deliver services statewide, EFCO will drive the funds back down to a grassroots level by funding part-time AHEC staff in Alamosa, Pueblo and Grand Junction. An existing part-time EFCO staff member will continue to deliver epilepsy services in Greeley.


EFCO will supplement the existing AHEC grant of $69,500 with an additional $30,000 to assure a full continuum of services can be provided in each community.   


What services can each of these communities expect? (1) Development of local support groups; (2) School Nurse Trainings; (3) First Responder Trainings; (4) Employer Education; (5) Education and seizure first aid for students in the classroom and; (6) full summer camp scholarships for up to 25 youth with epilepsy from rural areas; (7)  statewide toll-free information and resources (1-888-378-0081). Services will launch during the months of September of October 2008.


Gail Pundsack, Executive Director for EFCO since 2006 states, “rural communities need a local contact – someone who can provide assurances that they are not alone and the Epilepsy Foundation is here to help.”. 


43,000 people in Colorado have epilepsy. This is more than MS, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson’s Disease, combined. For more information visit

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