Living with Epilepsy

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To speak with someone to receive information and resources, please contact the Direct Care Manager 1-888-378-9779 or 303-377-9774 or email us

Online Materials (Click to Download)

•    Seizure First Aid Posters  (English and Spanish)
•    Seizure Observation Record
•    Seizure Action Plan
•    Epilepsy & My Child Toolkit
•    VNS Therapy Phone Facts & Resources

      - Understanding and Assisting People with Epilepsy
      - Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts
      - Jason and Friends Talk About Epilepsy

Medical and Others

Medicines for Epilepsy
Seizure Recognition and First Aid
Epilepsy & My Child Toolkit
The Truth About Epilepsy (English & Spanish)
True or False?
Talking to Your Doctor
Seizures & Safety
Seizures in Adult Years
Seizures in Teen Years
Seizures in Childhood
Recommendations for Care of Children with Epilepsy
Pregnancy & Epilepsy
VNS Therapy for Epilepsy
Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy
Surgery for Epilepsy
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)


A Guide for Everyday Life
Everyday Life Information for Adults with Epilepsy
Managing Seizures: Information for Caregivers
Seizures, Epilepsy and Your Child
Cognition & Epilepsy
Epilepsy and Mood Disorders
Understanding the Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy
A Child’s Guide to Seizure Disorders
When Mom or Dad Has Epilepsy
Legal Rights/Legal Issues
Driving & You
Being a Mom
Being a Woman
Epilepsy & Men’s Health
Education and Day Care


EFCO agency brochure
Steps for Dealing with a Diagnosis (EFCO bookmark)
Summer Camps (Jason’s Camp and Rock n’ Rally)
Beyond Medication seminars
Studio E (art therapy)
EFCO Newsletter

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Donate We encourage you to make a tax-deductible gift to support our efforts. You can also help with a donation of your gently used clothing and household items. Your support is urgently needed, and always very much appreciated.

November is Epilepswy Awareness Month! Join us today and help create a wave of awareness and positive change for the epilepsy community in Colorado.  See what's happening in our community in honor of NEAM.  

Learn how to Manage Students with Seizures through our FREE training program for school nurses - available online or in-person. Contact Marcee Peterson for more information.

Activate your political voice by speaking out to our local and national representatives about current legislation that would expand the availability of Cannabidiol for the treatment of Epilepsy.

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