Living with Epilepsy

Job Preparation Guide
Job Preparation guide
This guide, which can be downloaded free of charge in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, is a comprehensive workbook to help you:
  • Decide what type of employment you're looking for
  • Identify the resources at your disposal
  • Organize yourself for the job hunt
  • Write a resume or fill out a job application
  • Perform well in an interview
  • Decide when (and if) to disclose your epilepsy
  • Follow up effectively after meeting with a potential employer
Download the Guide

By transferring the Job Preparation Guide to your hard drive, you will be able to either print it out in its entirely or work on it on your computer and save your work as you go. Select your choice of formats by choosing one of the links below:

Job Guide in Microsoft Word
(489 KB)

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