Living with Epilepsy

Driving and Seizures

Will I be able to get my driver's license?

Yes, if you are not having any seizures that make you black out or lose control of what you’re doing.  You have to make a real commitment to take your meds every day, on time, so you don’t risk having a seizure on the road.  Colorado has no set seizure-free period; however, the state requires that each driver license applicant disclose a physical disability that would cause a lapse of consciousness. Get all the specifics about Colorado Driver's License Rules

I’ve had a couple of seizures but I don't want to tell my doctor because I’m afraid I’ll lose my license.

If you don’t tell the doctor, you’re missing a chance to adjust your meds so you won’t have more seizures. The bigger risk is that you’ll have a seizure while driving. While it’s tough not being able to drive for a while, you don’t want to risk having a bad accident that hurts you or someone else.

If I lose my license because of seizures, can I ever get it back?

Yes. Once you have been seizure - free (really seizure - free) for however long your state requires, you can re-apply and get your license back.

Every state has driving laws for epilepsy

Help us get an epilepsy awareness drivers license

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