Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get financial assistance with my medication?

A:   There are some programs that help patients get medication when they are unable to afford them.  These are called “Patient Assistance Programs”.  One of the most commonly used one is Partnership for Prescription Assistance,  You can download an application from this website for most medications.  You will be required to complete the application and have your Neurologist or another doctor sign it.  Then you send it into the pharmaceutical company and they will determine whether they can help with medication payment

Q: How can I get health insurance?

A:  Contact the State Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Insurance (303) 894-7499) in order to see if you may qualify for health insurance. You can also visit  You may consider whether or not you would qualify for SSI/SSDI (Social Security or Disability Benefits). If you do qualify for SSI/SSDI, you would then receive Medicaid and Medicare. You may want to apply for Medicaid even if you don’t qualify for SSI/SSDI. You can get the applications for both Medicaid and SSI/SSDI at the Department of Social Services in your county.  You can look at the disabilities benefits homepage

Q: As a person living with epilepsy, what are my legal rights?

A:  If you believe you need counsel on your legal rights in regards to epilepsy, you may benefit by contacting The Legal Center for People with Disabilities 1-800-288-1376or The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (303-839-1775) may also give you information and assistance in regards to disability rights issues for youth and adults.

Q: Sometimes I need help from others. Is there a support group in my area?

A:  You may contact the Program Manager at the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado (303) 377-9774 or Click Here to find the support group nearest to you.

Q: How can I get information about a seizure response dog?

A:  It can be a costly and timely process to get a seizure response dog.   There are some national programs that you could contact to get more information which include Canine Assistance ( or 1-800-771-7221), Delta Society (, or Paws with a Cause ( or 1-800-253-7297).  Also, is an organization based out of KY and the cost is significantly less that other organizations.

Q: Is there a summer camp or social activities for my child living with epilepsy?

A: The Jason Fleishman Summer Camp is available for youth ages 10-17 who are living with epilepsy. There is also a youth bowling night that meets quarterly. For more information, contact the Program Manager at the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado (303) 377-9774 or Click here

Q: Can the Foundation come to my work or school and do a training?

A: The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado provides a variety of trainings including The School Nurse Training, First Responder Training, Peer/Classroom training, and training to employers. If you are looking for something specific, please contact Marcee or Kristen at (303) 377.9774 or Click here to email

Q: Where can I find a neurologist?

A: Click here to search for a neurologist by zip code. Neurologists who specialize in epilepsy are called Epileptologists. There are two Epilepsy Centers in Colorado, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Swedish Hospital, where you can locate the majority of Epileptologists in the state.

Q: Can I support online?

A: Click here to check out eCommunities

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