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Meet the Camp Team

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is dedicated to providing the safest and most enjoyable camp experience for youth living with epilepsy. To ensure this, our camp team is comprised of experienced and mature camp counselors and licensed medical staff.  If you would like to be a part of this amazing camp team as a Counselor, Medical Staff or Jr. Counselor, do not hesitate to contact Marcee Peterson at 303.377.9774 or marcee@epilepsycolorado.org

Doug Crumb, Lead Counselor

This will be Doug’s 9th year as the Lead Counselor for the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp. He has a Masters of Education in school and community counseling from Colorado State University, and is a middle school counselor at Walt Clark Middle School in Loveland. Doug coaches middle school cross country and high school track and field. He loves adventure and spending time with close family and friends. He has a beautiful wife who has also worked and volunteered for Jason’s Camp and together they have two perfect children. This camp changes lives in such amazing ways, and he is honored to be a part of it year after year.

Brian Anderson

Brian is returning to the camp for his 5th year. He is an alum of Regis University with a BA in History and a BS in Business Administration. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver. He has extensive experience with epilepsy as he grew up with a stepbrother who lived with epilepsy.  Brian enjoys volunteering in various capacities and, in his role as a Counselor, he brings compassion and understanding to the campers living with epilepsy. 

Lauren Glasscock

Lauren has been volunteering at the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp since she was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009. She is a student at the University of Colorado Denver and is studying psychology in hopes of getting her Masters Degree in occupational therapy. She coaches a girl's softball team in the summer and also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and watching the Denver Broncos.  Lauren feels that this camp has been “truly one of the greatest experiences in her life" and brings this passion to the camp each year. 

Bill Gregg

Bill has lead numerous Outdoor Education trips to the Rocky Mountains in his 30 years working as a teacher, coach and administrator but found an atmosphere of unique FELLOWSHIP and ACCEPTANCE as a first year counselor. Bill is an Eagle Scout, rugby player and holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from Denver University. He loved to see the friendships, willingness and openness that developed between all campers.

Delaney Tanner

The first time my mom mentioned camp I was reluctant and hesitant to commit to camp. At that point, I was still adjusting to my life with epilepsy and struggling to accept the fact that I was having a seizure every month. My epilepsy had evolved from absence to tonic clonic seizures within the first couple months of being diagnosed. My family and I were struggling to adjust to my life with epilepsy and all the new precautions I had to think about on a daily basis. Specifically, I struggled tremendously with the loss of my independence. I would talk to my friends about the way I felt when I was held back from doing something but it was hard for them to relate. Once I finally agreed to go to camp I met kids that could relate to what I was going through. As kids with epilepsy, we all had the same fears, concerns, and funny stories to tell. At camp it's the best feeling to talk to someone that can genuinely understand what you are going through. I have met great people at camp and they have remained my friends outside of summer camp.After I left camp my first year I felt like I had a handle on my epilepsy. I felt more in control of my epilepsy and I didn't feel as if epilepsy would rule my life. Camp is the best experience there is for a kid with epilepsy, it's a time to grow independence and try new things without being held back. I would recommend camp for anyone because it truly is a powerful experience. Camp changed my perspective and I don't believe I'd be as confident and open about my epilepsy if I didn't go to camp. Camp also gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the youth council which has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I have been a Jr Counselor for Jason’s Camp since 2013 and I can’t wait to return to camp again!

Tim Wompey

My name is Tim Wompey. I have been teaching elementary aged students for 7 years in Jefferson County Schools. I'm blessed to be working with 5th graders. I have been a Counselor at Jason’s Camp since 2013 and I have served as a Counselor for several other camps for teens. My wife and I have two wonderful children and one loveable puppy. Epilepsy has been close to my heart for many years. As a teacher I love to see kids learning while in action. Sometimes the best part of us shows when we are in nature. I can't wait for camp!!!

Justin Zuccarelli

My name is Justin and I’m an elementary school special education teacher.  I have been living with epilepsy since 1999 and I have been a Counselor at Jason’s Camp since 2008.  I love returning to camp each year to see all of the old friends I have made and to meet new campers.  I am a positive role model for campers since I have epilepsy too but I do not let it run my life.  In addition to being a camp Counselor, I am also an Epilepsy Advocate which gives me the opportunity to speak with others about my experiences living with epilepsy.

Meg Rosenberger

Meg has been involved with the Jason Fleishman camp for five years.  She loves having the opportunity to spend time with so many unique and inspiring individuals every summer.  Meg studies Human Development and Family Studies through Colorado State University and coaches soccer for an early childhood development program called Lil' Kickers.  She loves spending time in the mountains, doing yoga, cooking with friends, and hanging out with her dog.

Jayaji Moré

Jayaji has been a summer camp volunteer since 2011 and his first year at Rock n’ Rally. He became a camp volunteer following his own diagnosis of epilepsy in college in order to meet others, particularly young people, living with this condition. He feels very fortunate to have met such a kind and inspiring group of people by way of the camp. Jayaji is a graduate of Stanford University and is currently preparing to apply to medical school in pursuit of his goal of becoming a neurologist.

Chris McCallum

Chris McCallum has been a counselor and volunteer with Jason's camp since 2009 and is excited to be returning this year. As a counselor that has been diagnosed with Epilepsy since his teenage years, he is proud to share his love of Colorado camping and exceeding all expectations that Epilepsy has "supposed" to have taken. Ecstatically seizure free for the past 8 years, Chris understands the emotions that all campers may be going through and can relate to many situations. His greatest triumph of Jason's camp is the addition of the closing Campfire where he can shout, sing, and act as goofy as possible. In his non-camp life, Chris has a pretty swell home life with his wife, Aylene, and his son Caden (2.5 years) and daughter Colbie (5 months old). In his decreasing spare time, Chris can be found playing ultimate frisbee, soccer, running, or yard work and in his increasing work time, he can be found teaching doctors and nurses Electronic Medical Records at Kaiser Permanente.  

James Anderson

Hello.  My name is James and I have been a counselor at both Jason Fleishmann and Rock N' Rally. I love being a counselor at these camps because I have epilepsy just like the campers all do which gives me a special bond with all of them I wouldn't get at other camps.   I was a camper at Jason Fleishmann camp for 3 years and really wish I knew about it when I was younger because I’ve never seen kids with personalities so different from each other connect so well anywhere else.  I had brain surgery at the Cleveland Clinic right after graduating high school and I love using that experience to help guide and bring confidence to kids who may need surgery someday in the future as well.  Since my brain surgery I have been 3 years seizure free!

Meet the Medical Team
Jean Milholland, MS, PA-C, Lead Medical Staff

Jean graduated from CU with a Masters of Science/Physician’s Assistant Degree. She spent 6 months in family medicine before joining Children’s Hospital Colorado Neurology department in 2008. She worked on the outpatient and inpatient Neurology teams before transitioning in January 2012 to the Neurosurgery department at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Prior to becoming a PA, she had 7 years of experience as a physical therapist working with brain injured adults and teens. Jean brings a wealth of medical experience to the camp as well as a passion for working with youth living with epilepsy. This will be her 6th year working at camp and her 4th year as the Lead.

Rebecca Curtis, RN

This is Rebecca’s 3rd year at summer camp and she will be providing care and support as a member of the nursing staff. She has her BSN and currently works in an Orthopedic Unit at Porter Hospital. She is already counting down the days till the first day of camp. Nursing is so much more than the paycheck at the end of the day. For her, nursing is a mission in life, a life-on-life opportunity to make a difference. She can think of no better place to continue this mission than at the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp.

Becky Dascher, RN

Becky has been working at epilepsy camp since 2004. The reason she started volunteering for the camp was due to her history of having epilepsy and having a slightly better understanding of what these kids go through in daily life.  She has been a nurse for 13 years and works on the surgical floor, ortho floor and the spine unit at Porter Hospital. She received her first Bachelors of Science Degree from Metro State and then her second Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from Colorado University. She thoroughly enjoys seeing the kids each year and watching them grow up.  She wants all the kids to know that you can have epilepsy and function in the world like everyone else. She wants all of them to have the feeling that nothing can stop them.  Hopefully camp gives them that added push that they need!

Laura Ross, RN
Laura has a BSCN in Nursing from The University of Western Ontario. She has been employed at The Children’s Hospital of Denver in Outpatient Neurology and has had a wide variety of nursing experience since 1983. Laura has a son who was diagnosed with epilepsy and is familiar with the struggles of teens that are living with the condition. She enjoys providing support to other families and youth who are living with epilepsy by being a nurse at the summer camp.
Ellen Smith, RN

Ellen graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and has been a nurse at Children’s Hospital of Colorado for about 4 years. She has had the wonderful opportunity to work with children diagnosed with epilepsy for all 4 of those years. Ellen has been a nurse at Jason’s Camp since 2013 and each summer she is excited for the opportunity to work with children with epilepsy outside of the ‘hospital’ setting. Outside of work, Ellen likes to ski, hike, bike, rock climb, go to yoga, and whatever else the amazing state of Colorado has to offer! This love for the outdoors, and also going to summer camp growing up as a child, has drawn Ellen to the epilepsy camp. “I cannot wait to have fun with the campers, and also for the chance to provide nursing support to this amazing bunch”.

Chelsey Stillman, PA

Chelsey is a graduate from the Child Health Associate Physician Assistant Master’s Program and works on the epilepsy team (and specifically in the Ketogenic Diet program) at The Children’s Hospital of Denver. She has been a longtime advocate for pediatric epilepsy. She has two undergraduate degrees in Physiology and Spanish. This is Chelsey’s 5th year as a nurse at the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp. Prior to this, she spent two summer camp sessions at Camp Wapiyapi. She is also highly involved in several fundraising and patient education advocacy events for families and patients who are impacted by epilepsy. She enjoys the outdoors and is an enthusiast for safe fun and goofy games!

Rick Tilton, RN

I have been a registered nurse for 5 years working with medical surgical patients. I have worked at Porter hospital for 6 years. I am married and have 3 teenage boys. Coworker, Becky, asked me if I'd be interested in working at the epilepsy summer camp. She thought I would be a good fit, having 3 teenagers at home. After several months thinking about it, I said "Sure, why not. It could be fun". It turned out to be one of the highlights of my summer! I became somewhat attached to the kids and enjoyed learning about their epilepsy. The staff was very friendly and supportive and I am looking forward to this year!

Rhonda Valdez, RN

Rhonda has her nursing degree from Colorado State University, Pueblo, and Master’s degree in Nursing from University of Missouri, St. Louis, emphasizing school health. Her current occupation is as a district nurse in Jefferson County school district.  She works with several students who have chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy along with students who also have physical disabilities. She loves going to the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp because the camp offers campers the opportunity to try and to succeed at both physical and creative skills while gaining valuable friendships and precious memories along the way. 

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