Overnight and Day Camps

Highlights from Jason’s Camp
2013 Jason's Camp

Each day my campers would awake and ask the magic question, “What’s on our schedule today Tim?” The poster outside our door read Caring Attitude Motivation Persistence for the 2013 Jason Fleishman Camp in Estes Park. These were our goals for camp this year. As a second year camp counselor I watched for these ideals throughout the camp.

At our first activity of the camp they demonstrated enormous amount of Care. I watched camper after camper climb the Rock Wall on all three sides. Confidence would rise as other campers would challenge friends to move to the next level until they approached the top. Counselors yelled “Way to go Shaun” as he danced at the top of the wall. Care was shown as campers assisted friends in thinking through each move of their climb.

Attitude showed in all the campers as they shared their daily experiences at the dining table for each meal. I would ask “What did your group do today?” Then the enthusiastic stories would pour out onto the table.
Teams worked together to motivate one another as they worked through the Low Ropes and Team building exercises. The problem solving skills were shared by all teams as we planned, rehearsed and performed our skits. Who put together those mini skits? Is that counselor Doug kneeling on his all fours? Don’t let the water spill on your back.

Persistence was the most amazing part of camp that stuck out to me. Over and over again I saw our amazing campers never give up on some of the most difficult of activities. I saw feet being pulled up in the air at the Rock wall when it would have been easy to quit. I saw artists put the deepest of thought into their painted art and Tie-Die shirts. I saw teams use ingenuity to get all members of a team across the lily pad road.

Remember be Courageous. Show Positive Attitude. Stay Motivated. Be Persistent. These can be our focus throughout our year - home and at camp. I’m already looking forward to camp in 2014.

- By Tim Wompey

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