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My neurologist gave my mom a flyer about the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp. Camps where kids living with epilepsy can just go be themselves for five days... READ MORE

Hi, my name is Brittany!
I was thirteen years old having fun with my best friend at sleepovers, until the worst morning of my life happened. I had my tonic-clonic seizure. Waking up in a daze and not sure what had happened to me with firefighters yelling in my face, was very scary. I was in a postictal state of mind and could not really explain what had just happened to me. So I was off; in the ambulance with oxygen keeping me calm while they tried contacting my mom. While waiting at the hospital all I could think about is why me, I did nothing wrong please explain this to me. After multiple tests I was diagnosed with epilepsy. That word chilled me to the bones. The next couple of years I had seizures in front of my friends, at school, and even in public. My self-esteem began to become too low, I did not want to go to school anymore. After a visit with my neurologist, my neurologist gave my mom a flyer about the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp. Camps were kids living with epilepsy can just go be themselves for five days. The first day was really hard for me because my self-esteem was so low. Then I realized there are tons of other kids and adults just like me. Now I have been going to the camp for six years, two years as a camper and four years as a junior counselor. The camp is so fun loving and caring with all the kids and staff. Also I have to thank the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado for how strong I have become. They have shown me that epilepsy does not define the person I am today, it is something I life with. I have also learned about the epilepsy 5k through EFCO, it is a great way to show your support and see all who comes out and supports everyone living with epilepsy. I was also part of a great youth council for a year, I met many wonderful friends. The youth council is still going. They are working on a backpack project right now and I hope the youth council just keeps growing. Thanks to the EFCO I am the person today, I have wonderful friends I can turn to if I have questions and I have a stronger self-esteem. I am working two jobs and going to school to become a preschool teacher, I just love kids. Now when I hear the word epilepsy, I just want to spread my knowledge so that the next person can have a little knowledge about epilepsy. If you have epilepsy turns to the epilepsy foundation for support.

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