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She absolutely blossomed at camp and became more independent... READ MORE

Madison was seven months old when she had her first seizure.  After testing and medications, Madison was diagnosed with Partial Complex seizures of the right temporal lobe.  Her seizures are nocturnal.  She only has them in her sleep.  When Madison was four we had tried many medications without complete seizure control so we began talks to have brain surgery.  A month after turning six years old she had brain surgery to remove the area that was causing seizures.  She went from five a week to one about every six weeks.  Not a complete fix but better than it had been.  Bill and I only told her teachers, family, and close friends that Madison had Epilepsy for the longest time.  It wasn't because we were ashamed.  It was because we didn't want people to judge her due to lack of education on the part of others.  As she has gotten older we talk about it more and so does she.  Her friends know now and she is okay with it.  Last summer Dr. Knupp suggested camp.  Madison was so excited.  Mostly because she would get to meet other kids that have Epilepsy, as she knew no one else with it.  She absolutely blossomed at camp and became more independent.  Bill and I talked to her about helping her to raise money to send other kids to camp.  She wanted to do this so others could have fun like she did.  We ordered purple and silver bracelets and purple pins from a fundraising site for her to sell at $5 a piece at a Cheyenne Frontier Days event.  She raised $350 at that event due to the kindness of the volunteers.  She then asked the CFD general committee to match the funds and they did better than that and donated $500.  Madison is so proud of herself for raising funds for scholarships for others and for raising awareness of Epilepsy.  She wants others to know they can lead a normal life like she does.  She does tennis, swims, and does jazz dance lessons.  She camps, rides bikes and roller skates, and rides ATVs (all with helmets, of course).  School academics are difficult at times but she always tries hard.  This January Madison was named a Champion for the Children's Hospital Colorado for the Children's Miracle Networks.  She gives interviews and helps with fundraisers thus allowing her to raise more awareness about Epilepsy.

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