Overnight and Day Camps

I was a little scared cause I have never spent the night away from people I know....READ MORE

My grammy dropped me off at my first ever over night camp. I was a little scared cause I have never spent the night away from people I know. My mommy asked me when I got back home what I did to make myself feel better the first night alone. I told her, I felt better when I found out I wasn't sleeping alone and a girl named Summer in  my  cabin told me stuff to make me feel better. I was crying a bit too but she made me feel better. I don't know if it was her first time at camp or not. My mommy asked me what my favorite part of camp was. I told her the zip line was so very cool but that my favorite, favorite part was playing cards with my new friend Summer. I really hope she is there next year so I can see her. I told my mommy that I want to go back to camp every year for 20 years it was so much fun. When my mommy asked me what the worse part of camp was, I told her leaving was the worse part. 

Sirena Doty
Age 10 

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