Community Connections

Circle of Friends Support Groups

Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado hosts a variety of support groups in the community. They are not therapeutic in nature. They are led by volunteers who are dedicated to epilepsy support. Feel free to contact the leaders directly to inquire about the group you are interested in. 

List of Groups by Location

Beyond Medication

This free educational presentation is offered around the state of Colorado.  Led by a Neurologist/Epileptologist, the presentation involves open discussion about epilepsy and treatment options beyond medications including VNS, Surgery, Keto Diet, Neurofeedback and more.  The seminars are a great way to learn about epilepsy, ask questions of the medical professionals and meet others in your community.

Studio E

A free, multi-week program that encourages one to explore and connect through creativity in an accepting and safe group setting. Led by a licensed art therapist, Studio E allows participants express and process feelings about their epilepsy through the creation of art.  Studio E is made possible through a grant from Lundbeck and occurs at least once per year in Colorado.  There is no need to be an artist to participate.  Stay tuned for more information about the next available session. 

Community Forums

Connect with others through the Epilepsy Foundation’s online community forum.  These forums allow you to connect with others worldwide in a safe online community that is monitored by the Epilepsy Foundation.  There are many different groups for people of all ages who are dealing a variety of issues related to epilepsy.  Join today by clicking here.

Epilepy Foundation now offers online bereavement support community (click to read more).

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Learn how to Manage Students with Seizures through our FREE training program for school nurses - available online or in-person. Contact Marcee Peterson for more information.

Activate your political voice by speaking out to our local and national representatives about current legislation that would expand the availability of Cannabidiol for the treatment of Epilepsy.

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