School Nurses
Managing Students with Seizures provides school nurses with continuing education to address the real and immediate needs of managing students with epilepsy. The program is accredited by the CDC.  Contact Marcee Peterson at for information.

Click here to access the online training. 

School Staff
The School Personnel Training provides school staff with information about epilepsy, seizures, seizure first aid, and the effects epilepsy can have on the child as a whole. The training optimizes seizure management strategies and helps to insure full integration of the child in school.  If you would like to train your school, contact Marcee Peterson at     

Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts is a free classroom training for grades 4-12.  It is designed to educate students about epilepsy, thereby creating more acceptance and understanding for youth with epilepsy.  

Seizure Smart Classrooms is a free classroom education for kids 3rd grade and under.  It is designed to educate kids about epilepsy and how to properly respond to a classmate with seizures.  

Materials for Seizure Smart Schools
Seizure Observation Record
To be completed by school personnel after witnessing a seizure and/or medication side effects.
> Download form (pdf)

Seizure Action Plan
To be completed by the team including the nurse, school personnel, parent and Neurologist. This form insures accurate documentation and communication about the child-specific seizure first aid protocol.  It is intended to be completed at the beginning of the school year, when a change in health status occurs, or upon diagnosis. 
> Download form (pdf)

Videos can be a great education tool.  Here are some suggestions of short school videos. 

Epilepsy 101 - We can provide education about seizures and seizure first aid in any setting. Maybe you, your friend, family member, peer, employer, instructor, or caregiver needs to understand what you are going through. If you find that you need help explaining your seizures or want some support with talking about epilepsy, we are here to help.

Seizure Safety School – The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado partners with Children’s Hospital Neurology Department to offer this class about epilepsy, seizure first aid, and safety practices.  Adults, children and families are invited to attend at no cost.  For upcoming dates, click here  

First Responder Trainings  - This training provides first responder agencies guidance on how to appropriately recognize and manage persons having seizures -- to ensure the safety of all parties.  Click here for more information.

Beyond Medication  - Free open forums that brings the epilepsy community together in various areas across the state of Colorado on a quarterly basis.  This is an opportunity to learn more about epilepsy, treatments and to connect with others in your community who are diagnosed with epilepsy.  For upcoming dates, click here.

Health Fairs - Health Fairs are a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and increase education in the community and schools. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we attend health fairs throughout the year where we distribute general information and speak to people about epilepsy and seizure first aid.

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