Denver Strides for Epilepsy 5K Run/Walks

Strides for Epilepsy 2009 5K Recap
2009 Strides for Epilepsy 5K Walk/Run

2009 Strides for Epilepsy Walk/Run
The largest event in the state for epilepsy!

Katie Trigg doesn't have epilepsy...but like every other person on the planet, she does have a birthday.  This year Katie turned nine without all the usual party excitement or all the presents.  She did this for her friend Reagan, who is living with epilepsy.  The two have been friends since the age of four.  Katie asked her friends and family to come out and participate in Strides with her and Regan; she asked them to give their money, time and support instead of a present.  This meant so much to Regan's family.  "Reagan had her first seizure when she was five years old," Reagan's mom, Melissa explains. 'It was a status seizure, lasting over 45 minutes.  She spent three days is the hospital."  Reagan continues to have seizures.  "Katie is such a good friend to Reagan." Melissa says "She was a good friend to Reagan before and after she was diagnosed with epilepsy."

Katie's team, "Reagan and BMW," participated that sunny day, along with over 200 other teams, for the 43,000 Coloradoans who live with epilepsy.  Two thousand participants of ages gave their time, volunteer hours and support.  Katie and Reagan are just one story from this year's event; every individual touched by epilepsy has their own story.

Because of the caring spirit of everyone involved with Strides, we have exceeded our $100,000 goal, raising nearly $115,000 this year!

A special thanks to all the volunteers.  Without all of your hard work and commitment to this cause, this event wouldn't have been possible.
Thank you to our volunteer committee, whose expertise and guidance have shaped Strides into such an amazing event.
Thank you to all of our sponsors.
And thank you to Katie and Reagan for sharing their amazing story with us.

Why should people support Strides for Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado next year?
Katie says "It was fun," and with her large heart, she says: " Do it because it's good to help anybody who needs help."

They became involved because they have a special friend – 5 yr old Charlotte Keating. The Louisville Fire Dept has made countless trips to the Keating home in response to her epileptic seizures. The entire Louisville fire organized their own team. Donned with buttons they made from a picture of Charlotte wearing a fireman’s helmet, and chanting “We run for epilepsy, we run for Charlotte", they inspired many, and brought a few tears.

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