Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) is a group of volunteers made up of dedicated and talented medical professionals.  The PAB guides us through decisions that help ensure strong programs and initiatives for people living with Epilepsy, and takes time to provide insightful education for our many conferences and seminars throughout the year.

  • Kristen Park, MD, Chair
  • Kelly Knupp, MD, Secretary
  • Lauren Frey, MD, Past Chair
  • Archana Shrestha, MD
  • Ashakiran Sunku, MD
  • Audrey Yee, MD
  • Ben Ross, MD
  • Brent R. O'Neill, MD
  • Brian Grabert, MD
  • Charles Livsey, MD
  • Chelsey Stillman, PA-C
  • Cornelia Drees, MD
  • Danielle McDermott, MD
  • Ed Maa, MD
  • Jacci Bainbridge, PharmD
  • Katie Polovitz, MD
  • Ken Winston, MD
  • Kirsten Bracht, MD
  • Kirsten Nielsen, MD
  • Laura Strom, MD
  • Mark Spitz, MD
  • Rhonda Debello, RN
  • Richard Clemmons, MD
  • Scott Pearson, MMS, PA-C
  • Sheri Friedman, MD
  • Susan Koh, MD
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