Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy


Engage others and raise epilepsy awareness! Need some ideas for how to start the conversation? Choose one, two or ten of the following challenge ideas that may seem wacky – but will definitely draw attention and open the door to conversation. If you tackle a challenge idea – take photos and post them on EFCO’s Facebook page so you can inspire others to step up to a challenge as well!

  1. Display a CARE. CLICK. COMMIT. campaign flyer at your home, school, job or community board.
  2. Get a CARE. CLICK. COMMIT. campaign bracelet from EFCO and wear it all month long. Hand them out to family, friends, coworkers – or just friendly faces you bump into.
  3. Wear a purple ribbon all month long – and make extras available to family and friends.
  4. Bake cookies and design them with purple epilepsy awareness designs. Share!
  5. Create funky nail art in different shades of purple. The funkier, the better!
  6. Get a purple hair extension at one of the participating salons who are providing this epilepsy awareness funkiness.
  7. Invite friends to join you for a football, soccer or softball game and ask them to wear purple and explain the significance of the color.
  8. Ask your school or work to host an epilepsy awareness event – whether an educational assembly, a seizure safety training or a purple rally during a school sporting event.
  9. Send a letter to your network of family, friends, classmates, coworkers and let them know it’s National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Ask them to join you in the movement to end the stigma surrounding epilepsy and invite them to get involved by getting more information from you or from
  10.  Host a small gathering over brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert and engage your guests in a discussion about how important it is to end the stigma surrounding epilepsy and how critical raising awareness of the neurological disorder is.
  11. Wear at least one visible article of purple every day in November. That’s right – 30 straight days of purple wear!
  12. Adorn your home or car with all things purple! Get out ribbon, streamers, lights – use your imagination and don’t hold back! Re-outfit your lawn ornaments – flamingos, garden gnomes – with a fresh coat of purple paint!

To see what other people are doing, click here.

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