Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) and Foundation program staff work together to ensure that the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is delivering programs and services that are current, up to date, and relevant to current community needs. The PAB provides support and advice to program staff, assists in the development of new programs, and identifies best practice standards. PAB members also serve as ambassadors for the Foundation’s programs providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and referrals with the epilepsy community.

The Professional Advisory Network (PAN) members provide support and advice to program staff, assist in the development of new programs, and serve as expert counsel on an as-needed  basis.

Current PAB Members


Chair: Kelly Knupp, MD

Jacci Bainbridge, PharmD

Marie Collier, MD

Laura Friedlander, MD

Charles Livesy, MD

Danielle McDermott, MD

Matthew Mian, MD

Gaetha Mills, RN, CNRN

Ben Ross, MD

Mark Spitz, MD

Mark Stevenson

Chelsey Stillman, PA-C

Stephanie Wagner, RN

Diana Walleigh, MD

Current PAN Members


Kristen Bracht, MD

Mesha-Gay Brown, MD

Richard Clemmons, MD

Rhonda Debello, MD

Mark DeFee, LPC

Hardik Doshi, MD

Ro Elgavish, MD

Krista Eschbach, MD

Sheri Friedman, MD

Kimberly Horiuchi, MD

Nathan Kung, MD

Ed Maa, MD

Ricka Messer, MD

Kristen Nielsen, MD

Brent R. O’Neill,MD

Renee Pazdan, MD

Katie Polovitz, MD

Archana Shrestha, MD

Andrew White, MD

Tom Wodushek, PhD

Alma Yum, MD