Rock n’ Rally Camper and Parent Testimonials


Campbell Fisk, Camper

Hi, my name is Campbell Fisk. I have had seizures since I was 4 years old. I love the camps- Rock n’ Rally this last year was the best so far for me. Every year I make the best friends and look forward to seeing them throughout the year and hope they come back to camp each year. I also make good friends with my camp counselors and keep in contact with them throughout the year. I am looking forward to the day I can be a camp counselor for the camps. I like being free to enjoy the outdoors with all my friends at camp. What is cool is that no one is treated different because we have seizures and take medications- we are all the same. The camp is awesome and I look forward to it each year!



Cami+Stewart-largeAlison Stewart, Parent

My daughter attended epilepsy camp for the first time at the Rock n’ Rally camp last summer. It was her first real time being away from our family, and while she did miss us, she had an AMAZING time at camp! She did things she’s never done before, made new friends, and had non-stop fun! As her dad and I dropped her off, we were so impressed with the staff running the camp. We knew she was in great hands with the counselors, nurses, doctors, and junior counselors who were all there to make sure the kids had a great time while staying safe. I am so thankful to the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado, all of its supporters, and all of the volunteers who made this camp possible. My daughter can’t wait for next year!