Julie Bennett

Lakewood, Colorado

When were you first diagnosed, and what were your thoughts after the diagnosis? I was diagnosed with petite mal epilepsy at the age of 5. I didn’t know I had it until I was a little older and could understand it better, I really didn’t like having epilepsy because I was restricted on what I could do. My mother was overly protective of me because she didn’t want me to get stressed out and have a seizure. Now that I am older and have out grown it I would like to be able to help you and others on the awareness of epilepsy.

What is the hardest part about having epilepsy? Being overly protected.

What is one of your greatest successes despite having epilepsy? Sharing my story with you and outgrowing epilepsy.

What advice do you have for people who are newly diagnosed? Try to be as normal as possible.

What do you want others to know about epilepsy? Don’t be too overly protective of loved ones.