Community Trainings

Epilepsy 101

We can provide education about seizures and seizure first aid in any setting. If you find that you need help explaining your seizures or want support when talking about epilepsy, we are here to help.

Seizure Training in Schools

These trainings cover seizure recognition, first aid, and treatment options. Also included is a discussion on the impact seizures and epilepsy can have on students academically, and the importance of implementing a seizure action plan in the school setting.

First Responder Trainings

This training provides first responder agencies guidance on how to appropriately recognize and manage persons having seizures — to ensure the safety of all parties.

Seizure Safety School

We partner with the Children’s Hospital Colorado neurology department to offer this class about epilepsy, seizure first aid and safety practices. Adults, children and families may attend at no cost. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Beyond Medication

Our free Beyond Medication forums bring the epilepsy community together in various locations across Colorado on a quarterly basis. This is an opportunity to learn more about epilepsy and treatments, and connect with others in the community who are diagnosed with epilepsy. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.