Our Programs

Our wide range of programs serve people living with epilepsy, as well as families, friends, and co-workers.


Epilepsy Connect Symposium

This annual conference brings together the brightest minds in epilepsy research and treatment to share the latest and most relevant information to educate and empower you to make the best health care decisions possible for you and your family. Held in November, Epilepsy Connect is our centerpiece educational event of the year.

Th1nk 26

This free educational program is offered virtually so it’s accessible to anyone living throughout Colorado. Led by  neurologists, epileptologists, and other healthcare professionals, these presentations cover thought-provoking topics centered around epilepsy, diagnosis, treatment options, surgery, dietary therapies, neurofeedback and more. The seminars are a great way to learn about epilepsy, ask questions of medical professionals and connect with your community.  Generously sponsored by educational grants from our partners in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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Community Resource Nights

These free events bring together valuable community resources across Colorado. The events are open to adults living with epilepsy and their loved ones, professionals, and anyone interested in networking with the epilepsy community. Speakers present the ways that their resources are applicable to epilepsy with time to ask in-depth questions and meet others in the community.

Community trainings

We can provide education about seizures and seizure first aid in any setting to all ages. Maybe a family member, classroom, employer, teacher, nurse, police department or caregiver needs to understand epilepsy. If you need help explaining your seizures or want support when talking about epilepsy, we’re here to help.

Hispanic Outreach 

Network with organizations and businesses that serve the Spanish-speaking population. Conduct presentations in Spanish regarding the basics of epilepsy at Latin American consulates and organizations. Provide case management services, educational events, and programs in Spanish.

Emotional Health & Wellness


This FREE 8-week virtual skill building group is for adults with epilepsy. Learn how to better manage memory loss, improve quality of life, gain support and feel better. This program focuses on:

  • Education about seizures types and available treatments, the influence of epilepsy on mood, stress, and cognition, and strategies for healthy lifestyle and active community engagement,
  • Training and practice using specific strategies to cope with stress and the blues, and
  • Personalized goal-setting and support to help you articulate and pursue life changes that are important to you.

Contact larissa@epilepsycolorado.org or 303-377-9774 to learn more and register.

Project UPLIFT

Project UPLIFT is a free, eight-week, skill-building, phone-based group for adults living with epilepsy using mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy. An outcomes study of Project UPLIFT reported decreased depression and lower anxiety/stress in participants, with some reporting fewer seizures. Project UPLIFT is not a therapy or counseling group, but rather a group that teaches skills to help your daily life with epilepsy.

Preferred Provider Network

The goal of the Preferred Provider Network is to ensure all individuals living with epilepsy and seizure disorders have access to quality, affordable mental health care so that not another moment is lost to seizures. Our Preferred Provider Network trains mental health clinicians to work effectively with people living with epilepsy and seizures. The Foundation keeps a database of these therapists and matches clients with a therapist upon request. The Foundation also provides payment of up to $30 per session for the first eight sessions.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a free program that encourages participants to explore and connect through creativity in an accepting and safe group setting. Led by a licensed art therapist, art therapy lets participants express and process their feelings about epilepsy through the creation of art. No art experience required.

Case Management 

This free program involves the provision of resources for those with epilepsy are seeking mental health services, housing, insurance, assistance in paying for medications, advocacy in IEP meetings, independence while living with epilepsy, and extra support.

Peer Support Program 

This free 6-month program includes the partnership of Mentors and Mentees. Mentors are often people who have lived with epilepsy for a while and who feel comfortable with their lifestyle and in sharing their story. Mentees are usually fairly new to the epilepsy community and are looking for guidance from someone who has had epilepsy for a while.

Seizing Life Coaching

Seizing Life Coaching is a program for people living with epilepsy who are ready to take the next step in achieving their life goals, in an environment of community support and group coaching.  This is a paid program run by longtime Epilepsy Foundation volunteer Mark DeFee, a certified coach and licensed therapist. Click here to learn more!



Join us for the largest epilepsy awareness event in Colorado. This family-friendly run/walk is held in Denver and Colorado Springs each year as a great way to connect with others and offer hope. Together we can inspire the community to help end epilepsy.

Volunteer Program

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s volunteer program engages and empowers volunteers who embody the mission and extend the reach of the Foundation. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available.

We CARE (Colorado Adults Redefining Epilepsy)

The We Care Group assembles adults whose lives are impacted by epilepsy and who work to support our mission. Members support each other and the Epilepsy Foundation through awareness, service and support. Learn more.

Circle of Friends (COF) support groups

Our Circle of Friends support groups provide educational and emotional support in a positive environment for people living with epilepsy and their families. They are led by trained volunteers who are dedicated to epilepsy support. Groups are online and in-person. Contact group leaders directly to inquire about the group you are interested in. 

National Programs

The National Epilepsy Foundation offers additional programs, such as national policy, legal support, research, and public awareness.

They also lead the SUDEP Institute and the Rare Epilepsy Network (REN). Learn more:

National Policy

Legal Support


Public Awareness

SUDEP Institute

Wellness Institute


Youth Support & Programs

Summer Camp

Camp can be a fantastic way for your child to make new friends and develop a sense of accomplishment. The camps offered by the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado can transform the lives of youth affected by epilepsy. We provide a safe camping experience with licensed medical staff on-site 24/7 along with experienced counselors. Learn more on our Kids Corner page!

Education Advocacy

Parents know that education is vital to their child’s development, and nothing – including epilepsy – should get in the way of that. We can help parents and caregivers advocate with school officials to create an educational plan to best fit the needs of a child with epilepsy.

The Foundation offers educational support to families of school-age children, as well as children themselves, and school staff members who provide services to a student with epilepsy.

All advocates are well-informed on disability law to help children receive the education they deserve, and can offer assistance with:

· IEP (Individualized education plans)

· 504 plan meetings

· Teacher In-service Days

School trainings

We can provide education about seizures and seizure first aid at your child’s school, both for school personnel as well as in the classroom. If you need help explaining your child’s seizures or want support when talking about epilepsy, we’re here to help.

School Personnel Support

We have comprehensive resources for school nurses and school staff, to ensure that when your child goes to school, their unique needs and situations can be appropriately managed.

Youth Council/Kids Crew

These programs bring together youth who are impacted by epilepsy and provide opportunities for volunteerism, leadership and fun. Contact us for information.

Pen Pal Program

The Pen Pal Program provides youth with epilepsy, aged 11-19, with essential social skills, peer connections and self-expression. Each participant is connected with a pen pal, matched by gender, interests, age and/or cognitive ability. Pen pals communicate by email to have fun and make new friends.