School Trainings

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado offers a variety of educational training programs. Please contact us to learn more.

School Nurses

Managing Students with Seizures provides school nurses with continuing education to address the real and immediate needs of managing students with epilepsy. The program is accredited by the CDC. Contact us for information.

School Staff

The School Personnel Training provides school staff with information about epilepsy, seizures, seizure first aid, and the effects epilepsy can have on the child as a whole. This 1-hour training is available in-person or online and School Personnel can receive .1 CEUs upon completion. If you would like to set up an in-service, contact us.


Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts is a free classroom training for grades 6-12. It is designed to educate students about epilepsy, thereby creating more acceptance and understanding for youth with epilepsy.

Seizure Smart Classrooms is a free classroom education for kids K-5. It is designed to educate kids about epilepsy and how to properly respond to a classmate with seizures.

Seizure Safe School Materials

Seizure Observation Record

To be completed by school personnel after witnessing a seizure and/or medication side effects.
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Seizure Action Plan

To be completed by the team including the nurse, school personnel, parent and neurologist. This form ensures accurate documentation and communication about the child-specific seizure first aid protocol. It is intended to be completed at the beginning of the school year, when a change in health status occurs, or upon diagnosis.
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These short videos can be a great education tool.

Seizures and you: Take Charge of the Storm Jr (Elementary School Video)
Seizures and You: Take Charge of the Facts (High School Video)
Stay Safe Side: Michael’s Basketball Team Learns Seizure First Aid